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Beaverton Police Honor Celeste C. Labore for nabbing Mexican Illegal Crook Sergio Nabor-Tellez,

 On May 4, 2010, the Beaverton Police Department held an awards ceremony. While there were several award recipients, the guests of honor were two Beaverton citizens, Celeste LaBore and Dorsett Peake. http://tiny.cc/9slae More PC Horseshit from Beaverton- Illegal alien and crime capital of … Continue reading

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Beaverton Oregon Landlords :Moji Momeni- Immigrant Iranian Beaverton Slumlord sentenced to Jail fined over half a million for prostituting a female tenant

Beaverton Oregon Landlords :Moji  Momeni- Immigrant Iranian  Momeni – ( Muslim  Iranian Pimp  Immigrant Slumlord) in Beaverton sentenced to prison for forced prostitution of mentally ill female renter  http://www.momenifoundation.org/ Momemi,is yet another ugly immigrant. . He was jailed and fined almost a million dollars for  pimping  out his … Continue reading

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Silvestre Cervantes-Avila Another Illegal Mexican Rapes and sodomizes American Women in Beaverton Oregon

Silvestre Cervantes-Avila another mexican who brutally sodomizes american women.  I think they are all rapists, some just get caught. Deport Mexicans Now. of course , it’s not a Hate Crime because it was done to a white woman. mayor potter- … Continue reading

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