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Beaverton Oregon: Mexican S— Amada Gonzalez-Herrera Lies about Rape Robbery but isn't Arrested

Another example of one standard for illegal mexicans  and one for Americans. What will Mexican National Amada Gonzalez-Herrera  lie about next and what American will she victimize?  If an American woman had filed a false police report she would have … Continue reading

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$29,000 for Black Somalian Immigrants in Beaverton Oregon

 Somali Refugees ( otherwise known as State Department Immigrant Trash) get $29,000 in Taxpayers monies. White Native Americans are awarded pennies compared to the precious immigrants. Why are the Somalia’s here anyway? Because they decimated their own country through tribal warfare and were rewarded … Continue reading

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Angel Segura Mexican Rapist Of Small Children: Sodomy & Rape with Foreign Object Breaks Parole

http://mexicancriminalsoforegon.wordpress.com/2010/06/04/angel-segura-mexican-rapist-child-fucker-parole-violator-in-salem-occupied-by-mexico/  Instead of being castrated or deported he just goes to jail for 20 days in Mexican Occupied Salem

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Update!Bravo! Krystal Mincher Crushes Illegal Mexican's Truck with No Insurance Darwin Awards 11

 Another site accuses me of racism for claiming the mexican is an illegal alien. Consider these facts: 1. Driving a delivery truck without insurance Living in Oregon with a mexican name where they never check for immigration status. Krystal was … Continue reading

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Beaverton Police Honor Celeste C. Labore for nabbing Mexican Illegal Crook Sergio Nabor-Tellez,

 On May 4, 2010, the Beaverton Police Department held an awards ceremony. While there were several award recipients, the guests of honor were two Beaverton citizens, Celeste LaBore and Dorsett Peake. http://tiny.cc/9slae More PC Horseshit from Beaverton- Illegal alien and crime capital of … Continue reading

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Report Budget Inn-Motel 6 of "Diversity" Beaverton to ICE : Ugly immigrant Indian Dump

http://tiny.cc/HUctB  Update: In the Past month, Budget Inn  has become Motel 6. Not sure yet whether the same Crappy Immigrants from India are still running it into the ground but for sure they will still hire illegal mexicans , so … Continue reading

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Mexican Male with Butcher Knife robs Latinos Ilegal Alien Grocery Store Robbed at 3905 SW 117th Beaverton OR

Mexican Male with Butcher Knife robs Latinos Ilegal Alien Grocery Store Robbed at 3905 SW 117th Beaverton OR I am always  right . I predicted that 2010 would be the year of a machete crime  and I was right. Machetes by … Continue reading

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