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Population Explosion of Mexicans In Oregon from 1990

Facts about Oregon’s Illegal alien anchor baby mexican wetback criminal scum barrios   Read about how many Mexicans are in Prison:http://tiny.cc/G2ZUz http://tiny.cc/Z49AB– population explosion http://immigrationcounters.com/ http://tiny.cc/labor94 ( Following is a link from a pro- hispanic organization- the facts are a … Continue reading

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Azteca Restaurant 10505 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway,Cinco De Mayo Brawl with 7 Mexican punks Riot and Disorderly Conduct II. They were 21-year-old Alexis Moreno-Bello from Tualatin, 22-year-old Miguel Hernandez-Vasquez from Lake Oswego, 22-year-old Javier Abarca-Hernandez from Tigard, 21-year-old Wilson Zambrano-Rivas from Beaverton, and 20-year-old Juan Zambrano-Rivas Yemby Gomez, who was cited for Riot, Disorderly Conduct II, and Harassment. The other was 25-year-old Isau Vasquez-Perez, from Beaverton, who was cited for Riot and Disorderly Conduct II. from Beaverton.

Seven Wetback Mexicans who should be deported Arrested after Bar Fight in Beaverton Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – http://neutermexicans.com/ This is the fault of our government at all levels: ICE, City Of  Beaverton and Oregon State Government. If they checked … Continue reading

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Check Out 4 Mexican Teen gangsters Steal Car w/ Stolen Guns In Marion County Oregon Anchor babies? Illegal aliens? Mexi-trash !

Four Suspects    Mexican  Meth Puta with sharpie eyebrows lied to Police about who she was- those nice hardworking mexicans, Obama’s pathway to citizenship . So how much did all  this cost Oregonians and why Is Ron Wyden and Obama and … Continue reading

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Mexican Female Knifed by Illegal Mexican Rodolfo Cruz in Beaverton oregon Conestoga apts

Mexican Female Knifed by Illegal Mexican in Beaverton oregon (landlords check credit yet rent to illegal aliens with fake id and criminal histories.you will pay for her expensive surgery at OHSU)note Police never check for immigration status , not even … Continue reading

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