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Illegal Alien Mexi-trash leaving Ca & Arizona for Washington & Oregon

the oregonian actually posted this picture with the caption of Americans marching on labor day- http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t778312/ I have to say the posters on stormfront got it wrong.  First off they took over Oregon in early 2000. Also the posters think that illegal aliens … Continue reading

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Frosty Wooldridge on Anchor Babies Cost or Jack-pot Babies: Stop Birthright Citizenship

60,000 anchor babies were born in just one  year in Texas alone, Frosty Wooldridge — Anchor Babies: Born in the USA, Part 1 ANCHOR BABIES: BORN IN THE USA PART 1. By Frosty Wooldridge August 17, 2009 NewsWithViews.com. U.S. House member … Continue reading

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ODOT Worker Philip Lane Hit By Drunk Mexican Teen in Washington County 2 Mexicans Arrested Gonzalo Hernandez Ramirez ;Rosa Ramirez Hernandez

Google Crime Victims of Illegal aliens. One more victim of the invasion and an American too. The police will not check the immigration status of this  “mexican genetic vomit”, nor deport their mexican breeders because we live in Oregon , where Illegal … Continue reading

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Mexican Drug Cartel Marijuana Grow 920 plants Sweet Home Linn Oregon: Cascade Timber Consultants

Linn County Sheriff’s Office Seizes 920 Marijuana Plants Linn County Sheriff’s Office – 08/20/10 marijuana3 Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller reports that today his detectives pulled 920 mature marijuana plants from property south of Sweet Home off Brush Creek Road. … Continue reading

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Mexican Humour: Ugly Mulatto Mexican Illegal Dead from Drowning Molalla River

Mexican Humour: Ugly Mulatto Mexican Illegal Dead from Drowning Molalla River* Gosh, looks just like 20 million other generic illegal mexican males in the US. One less rapist and drunk on our roads. Praise the Lord Food stamp day at … Continue reading

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Roberta Jurado ~Mexican Latina Illegal Slut ~ Robs Fozy's In Tigard with Gun~ Mexican Barrio

Tigard Police Apprehend Roberta Jurado ~Mexican Latina Illegal Slut ~ Robs Fozy’s In Tigard with Gun~ MexicanRobbery Suspect Mexicans are not self-deporting themselves back to Mexico, they are robbing and stealing in record numbers. That’s mexican values for you, whatever … Continue reading

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Update!Bravo! Krystal Mincher Crushes Illegal Mexican's Truck with No Insurance Darwin Awards 11

 Another site accuses me of racism for claiming the mexican is an illegal alien. Consider these facts: 1. Driving a delivery truck without insurance Living in Oregon with a mexican name where they never check for immigration status. Krystal was … Continue reading

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DO NOT DONATE to Fund for Illegal Mexicans At Cedar Villa Apt Canby

http://welcometocanby.com/ They are illegal aliens who should be deported  and arrested for Criminal Trespass into the US. They do not deserve a dime from Americans. Canby is just a mexican gang slum because of illegals invading. stoptheoccupation.The fire started because … Continue reading

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Seven Illegal Aliens From Mexico set fire to Cedar Villa Apts 435 N. Cedar Street Canby Oregon: mexican slums

| May 3, 2010 http://tiny.cc/va8mz  click on link and watch the  video which proves it was an apartment complex taken over by Mexican Illegals. Jose V— interviewed and groups of only mexicans watching. just think if Oregon passed a law like … Continue reading

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3 Mexican Hispanic Illegal alien Males rob home in Oregon City; Light Blue Honda get-away car

RESIDENTIAL BURGLARY IN OREGON CITY by three Mexicans Those nice hardworking mexicans are not self -deporting, they have turned to robbery and meth dealing big time. What would Oregon do without all the mexican criminals and breeders? Think of it … Continue reading

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