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Mukesh Suthar Indian National in Beaverton Oregon murders Varsha H1-b Worker from India and Child with gun * deport Kavitah Rachakatla*-three found dead in Bethany Murder-Suicide-

o Mukesh Suthar didnt murder because he had depression issues, that’s for Americans. He murdered because he was an illegal alien, his H1-b visa expired, Intel wasn’t throwing the White Collar Bucks at him anymore,. His wife was working illegally as a hairdresser. … Continue reading

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US Engineer Tells Obama to deal with H1-b theft of American jobs by Foreign workers

US Engineer tells Obama to deal with H1-b Visa abuse Most H1-b visa workers come from India and employed in high-tech jobs, not all, but a lot. New information has come out that India , China, Laos and Iran refuse … Continue reading

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