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Mexican Igcacio Luna Busted Meth :Former Portland Police Cadet

Mexican Igcacio Luna Busted Meth :Former Portland Police Cadet Portland Police Seize 24 pounds of Methamphetamine in Search Warrant Portland Police Bureau – 02/23/11 2011-02/3056/42242/meth1.JPG On February 22, 2011, investigators from the Portland Police Drugs and Vice Division seized approximately 24 … Continue reading

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ID Theft Five Forged Social Security Cards Illegal Mexican Meth Cocaine Dealers: Maria Avina-Sierra: Ruben Bermejo-Bastarrachea: Raul Magdaleno-Alcala

Of course Washington County is where there are no Illegal Mexicans and all mexican Criminals are listed as Whites. Mexican Criminal Scum is getting away with drug dealing and ID theft with the tacit approval of those in power following the lead … Continue reading

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Mexican Latino Sureno Norteno gang members have ruined Canby Oregon

 Canby really does have a mexican  gang problem. wher eever mexicans go they spoil their nests. My nephew has lived in Canby for the last 20+ years. He has seen it grow from a very quiet rural community to a suburb … Continue reading

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Three Mexican Nationals/illegal aliens arrested 51 lbs Cocaine- I-5 by Woodburn OR( )

Three Mexican Nationals arrested 51 lbs Cocaine- I-5 by Woodburn OR( wetback-tijuana Oregon)  Marion County Jail records indicate all three men  mexicans have INS holds.( this means they are have been running around Oregon as criminals and no one bothers … Continue reading

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