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Breaking News! ANA ALICIA ESTRADA Latina slut puta returns to Oregon without her Mexican Lover with Criminal Illegal alien JOSE DAMIAN ESTRADA-CORTEZ: Mexican Family Values,

   Sadly the slut breeder returned home so she can collect food stamps and pop out anchor babies. She was coached and refused to incriminate her swarthy crimnal mexican boyfreind Are the police nuts? For the first time two illegal mexican wetbacks are … Continue reading

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Catalina Mendoza Cervantes Mexican Breeder deals Cocaine endangers Ninos/ anchor babies in Salem or Occupied Territory of Mexico

 Catalina Mendoza CERVANTES, Mexican Illegal? Breeder with Sharpie Eyebrows and Blond Highlights, deals Coke in Salem Occupied Territory of Mexico ( Salem is now a suburb of Mexico City) what can I say here ? Another example of Mexican family … Continue reading

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