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Speeding Drunk Illegal Mexican RIGOBERTO MARTINEZ-PEREZ,Kills Anchor baby son GERADO MARTINEZ etc in Car Crash Jordan Valley Idaho

   Speeding Drunk Illegal Mexican RIGOBERTO MARTINEZ-PEREZ,Kills Anchor baby son GERADO MARTINEZetc in Car Crash Jordan Valley Idaho well that’s one less anchor baby altough American Taxpayers get to pick up the tab for the Illegal Drunk Mexican and his extended breeder cluster’s … Continue reading

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Mexican Family Values: Breeder Maria Barajas-Damian Shot 4 times by Marcelino Diaz-Rivera Hermiston Or, Ca and Mexico

No this isn’t rare and yes Mexicans are dangerous. Octavio Paz , the Mexican Poet said that Mexicans were like adolescents. They should be deported and work out their violent destiny on the land of their Ancestors , which is … Continue reading

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