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Darwin Awards: Mexican Mine-Kill Jose dead In Ontario Oregon

Darwin Awards: Mexican Mine-Kill Jose dead In Ontario Oregon Death Investigation – Mining Cave-in Kills Ontario Man Oregon State Police – 06/19/10  Jose the Mexican -is Dead who may be   A. Amnestied from 1986                                                                                                              B. Be an anchor … Continue reading

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Mexican RoadKill:Illegal Angel Hits Illegal Jesus: Miguel Angel Ruiz,- Illegal Mexican Hits/Maims Jesus the Drunk Mexican

Mexican RoadKill:  Miguel-( Illegal Mexican) Hits/Maims Jesus (the Drunk Mexican Day Laborer ) God works in mysterious ways, maybe the Mexicans can all run over each other and so help us get rid of 38 million parasites with anchor babies.In the … Continue reading

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Mexican Humor: Illegal Wetbacks send hate mail pretending to be White Legal Americans

one of the things I have noticed is the number of Mexicans who are sending me hate mail. Many adopt fake white names and email addresses,like the one below. It’s  obvious  Babel Fish was used  translate , the result , of course, an … Continue reading

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White Women Who Marry Illegal Mexicans: Multnomah Mug Shots: Latina Hotties

re- Mexicans (Everywhere) (Mexi-can’t) Date: 2009-04-23, 7:47PM PDT 1) Don’t worry, we don’t want you back. 2) The only reason they marry white women (when they find one stupid or ugly enough) is so their children don’t have to look … Continue reading

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