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ICE Refuses to Deport 'Non-Violent' Illegal Aliens

  Another form of Obama’s back-door Mass Amnesty. What if the Police stopped arresting Legal Americans for all Non-Violent Crimes? Wouldn’t that be fair?Another example of one set of rules for Americans and another for criminal illegal aliens.     … Continue reading

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Mexican Drug Cartel Marijuana Grow 920 plants Sweet Home Linn Oregon: Cascade Timber Consultants

Linn County Sheriff’s Office Seizes 920 Marijuana Plants Linn County Sheriff’s Office – 08/20/10 marijuana3 Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller reports that today his detectives pulled 920 mature marijuana plants from property south of Sweet Home off Brush Creek Road. … Continue reading

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Senator Graham to Consider Birthright Citizenship Amendment to Stop Anchor Babies and Foreign National "Bumpoholics"

It should be noted that Graham is probably only doing this to save his Senate Seat. The truth is until we stop birthright citizenship, we are a lost country. The United States has a population explosion of babies, not due to White … Continue reading

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Surenos Gang Member ROMAN, Carlos Steals Car In Vancouver Washington Tree City USA

Surenos Gang Member ROMAN, Carlos Steals Car In Vancouver Washington Tree City USA Looks like more of the California trash made it to clue-less Vancouver Wa. Brown Pride? Surenos Gang Member? Vancouver has become another Gresham or Washington County- Report the Tire company … Continue reading

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Roy Beck On Arizona's new law to stop Illegals from Job Theft

http://bit.ly/outillegalalienstoice CBS once again backstabbed the American People and did not use the Interview with Roy Beck. They want to use the Race Card and the poor mexican card, so Obama’s Amnesty plan will stay in motion. Good for Arizona and … Continue reading

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Mexican Trash Heroin Dealers Busted RoSales Leyva, Marcos Sanchez Vazquez, Rocio in Multnomah County and Anchor Baby

 Mexican Trash Breeders Busted for Heroin dealing RoSales Leyva Marcos Sanchez Vazquez, Rocio in Multnomah County  Mexican Family Values The Face of the Hispanic Crime Surge In Oregon MCSO traffic stop ends with couple illegal alien mexican drug cartel trash arrested … Continue reading

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RODOLFO GARIBO, ARNOLDO PALOMARES: Mexican Illegal alien drug dealers of methamphetamine arrested Eugene or area

People think Meth dealers are poor and white. Most of them are Mexican and illegal. Here are two more. OSP Traffic Contact Leads to 2 lbs. of Methamphetamine and two arrests in Northern Douglas County Oregon State Police – 06/25/09 … Continue reading

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