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Officer Steve Smith seriously injured by Ezequiel Quevedo:" Lying ,Crappy-Driving, Mexican Truck Driver in Salem( occupied territory)

Officer Steve Smith was seriously injured byan illegal alien /Lying /Crappy Driving/ Mexican / named Ezequiel Quevedo ,Truck Driver in Salem( occupied territory Of Mexico)   it is important that A Mexican  Driver harmed a police officer, due to his crappy … Continue reading

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Just Incarcerated!ELIAS-AYALA,MARIO another Fugitive Lying Illegal Mexican Arrested by washington County-Obama's pathway to citizenship Mexican?

Remember all Illegal aliens are White in Washington county,that way La Raza doesn’t get mad and It makes White Men take the crime rap for mulatto non-white Mexicans. 2009-02-11 6:00 PM (1) ELIAS-AYALA,MARIO Sex:M” Race:W DOB:1977-07-21 Height:5′ 09″ Weight:170 lbs JID:PO******** … Continue reading

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Illegal Mexican arrested for Rape in Redmond Oregon FRANCISCO JAVIER PANIAGUA GARCIA,

 This makes four women in Oregon whose lives have either been taken or violated by just two mexican/hispanics.the wife of a mexican criminal told me to post more stories about sex offenders. This one is for you , Andrea P, numbersusa.com … Continue reading

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