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Police Give Oregon Slumlords Training on keeping criminals out of Rentals ( oh you mean Illegal aliens?)

  Dani Countryman Murdered In Oregon by illegals ,Mocked by the Oregonian.Update: Dani’s family has filed a lawsuit for over 3 million dollars against Clackamas County for not deporting her  illegal killers after they were arrested for drunk driving. Police Give … Continue reading

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Mollasses cover Highway 395 Mexican Truck Driver JULIO CESAR GIL-JUAREZ cited for careless driving but not deported

Illegal Mexican Truck Driver causes Molasses Spillage in Oregon:Cited Careless Driving: Gil-Juarez http://www.immigrationcounters.com   Molasses Covers Highway 395 Following Injury Truck Crash north of Wagontire (Photos)Oregon State Police – 12/05/08 ( edt note: once again we pay for these illegal … Continue reading

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