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NICO AND DIEGO'S MAINTENANCE Help put two illegal mexican gardeners out of business

illegal mexicans want to steal your job (call them now) Date: 2010-09-23, 9:08PM PDT Reply To This Post   Land Sercives just for you (Beaverton, Lake oswego & Portland) ——————————————————————————– Date: 2010-09-23, 2:21PM PDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to … Continue reading

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Do You Suspect Local Employers of Hiring Illegal Aliens? Look Them Up On Our E-Verify List — Then Act

Do You Suspect Local Employers of Hiring Illegal Aliens? Look Them Up On Our E-Verify List — Then Act(vernonica the mexican, busted as a heroin dealer in Portland, Sanctuary City! another hidden cost of the invasion)  The address and phone … Continue reading

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Anchor babies skyrocket to over 4 million most are Mexican and most illegal alien households are making at least $35,000 , which is damned good money.So stop feeling sorry for the Poor Mexicans. Send them home. To find out more about anchor babies, click on the link below. … Continue reading

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Duncan Clist Landscaping of Beaverton (allegedly) Hires only Mexican Illegals not Americans

Duncan Clist Landscaping Beaverton, OR 97005 503-641-5948   Damn and they were the really short kind that can barely see the dashboard. Kinda like Orcs or Dwarves doing yardwork.  I wonder if they whistle while they work?  Deport Ron Wyden … Continue reading

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