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RIP Spay and Neuter Your Mexican

Worried About Illegal Immigrants? Put Your Fears to Bed; Spay or Neuter Your Mexicans Today and Forget the Fuss It may not sound like your thing, but it makes perfect sense if you think about it. We’re not really worried … Continue reading

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Mulatto Mexican Shot & Killed While Attempting to Rob Home of an American bravo!

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In Remembrance: Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens

crime victims of illegal aliens gonzalezmartinez- this mexican slut had her white boyfriend stabbed to death by her illegal alien brown mexican lover Americans killed by illegal aliens throughout the USA. This is only a partial list of … Continue reading

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In Arizona Illegal Mexican National Jacinto Huepalcalco-Meneses arrested: Fake ID Operation

That’s why We Need the ReallyRacist Arizona Immigration Enforcement law because Illegal aliens who commit criminal trespass to live in the US, think having Fake ID is also a right and not a criminal act.   PHOENIX (AP) – Authorities say they have arrested … Continue reading

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Mexican Trash In Kelso Arrested Marcial F. Gonzalez Martin A. Orozco,:Robbery of Americans by Illegal Mexicans

 Mexican Trash In Kelso Arrested Marcial F. Gonzalez Martin A. Orozco,:Robbery of Americans by Illegal Mexicans Mexicans aren’t self deporting, after stealing fake ID, they now rob Americans in their own homes. The Invasion of the US has turned into … Continue reading

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UPdaTe! Two More Ugly Mexican-Salvadoran Criminals Busted!Jose Luis AREVALO:Ramon Alberto MIDENCE: Caballero,Nestor Gabriel Ugly Mulatto El Salvadorian From Beaverton Oregon Robs American Gert Boyle in West Linn

  West Linn Police arrest two more in robbery kidnap on Columbia Sportswear Chairman Gertrude (Gert) Boyle. West Linn Police Dept. – 11/16/10 Arevalo, Jose Luis West Linn-In the course of the investigation of the home invasion robbery/kidnapping of Gert Boyle, … Continue reading

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Christian Garcia: Mexican Anchor Baby Or Illegal alien?Wastes taxpayer's money in Beaverton Oregon's Most Diverse City( ie Immigrant hell-hole)

Christian Garcia: Mexican Anchor Baby Or Illegal alien?Wastes taxpayer’s money in Beaverton Oregon’s Most Diverse City( ie Immigrant hell-hole) If you click on the link below you will see one of the millions of generic mexican children in the US. … Continue reading

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Beaverton Oregon: Mexican S— Amada Gonzalez-Herrera Lies about Rape Robbery but isn't Arrested

Another example of one standard for illegal mexicans  and one for Americans. What will Mexican National Amada Gonzalez-Herrera  lie about next and what American will she victimize?  If an American woman had filed a false police report she would have … Continue reading

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Mendoza delacruz, Luis Alberto Criminal Illegal Alien Busted! Portland Oregon Sanctuary City for Mexican Midgets:Felony Violence Drunk Driving

  SWIS ID: 749570 Name: Mendoza delacruz, Luis Alberto Age: 30 Gender: Male Race: Hispanic Height: 5 ft 7 in Weight: 150 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Arresting Agency: Portland Police, North Precinct Arrest Date: 9/3/2010 9:14 AM Booking Date: 9/3/2010 … Continue reading

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