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Lewis Landscaping Of West Portland Hires Illegal aliens not Americans Does not Use Everify Before I started this site, I reported Lewis Landscaping to ICE several times and I contacted the owner, who felt no need to follow the laws concerning illegal aliens. The address for ICE is on the left margin of … Continue reading

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Pink Slip for English_Only Speakers In Oregon: Invaders & Anchor Babies Take Over Job Market in Oregon

  The Invasion is insidious. Millions of illegal aliens who speak Spanish created a niche or a need for Government employees who spoke Spanish and then businesses like Rent To Own hired Mexicans for their mexican customers.One by one, they … Continue reading

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More on the Mexican Takeover of Oregon

Got mexicans? Got swine flu? Got drug resistant TB? Got contractors on the roof so a white guy won’t be paid fairly and scum contractor won’t have to pay into SSDI? Got tomatoes with e-coli? Got hospitals closing? Got anchor … Continue reading

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