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Seattle Racist Blacks Beat to A Bloody Pulp & Hold Hostage 16 year old White Boy Shane McClellan cause he's White

Since Hussein the Magic Negro Became President , there has been an increase of violent attacks by blacks against whites.This is just one case, there are so many more. Sunday, May 30, 2010 – Seattle, W. Seattle teen beaten bloody … Continue reading

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Are you Attending Sen. Merkley’s Upcoming Town Hall Meetings?

from the first vote Merkley proved himself a traitor to the American people. He works for the Agri business in Oregon and Intel just like Wyden. Help make him a one term Senator  Are you Attending Sen. Merkley’s Upcoming Town Hall Meetings? Dear Oregon activist: … Continue reading

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marijuana plantation ICE hold Carlos-Cardenas 2 illegal mexican drug cartel members busted

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Update!Bravo! Krystal Mincher Crushes Illegal Mexican's Truck with No Insurance Darwin Awards 11

 Another site accuses me of racism for claiming the mexican is an illegal alien. Consider these facts: 1. Driving a delivery truck without insurance Living in Oregon with a mexican name where they never check for immigration status. Krystal was … Continue reading

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Calderon Addresses Congress, Pisses on American Flag While Begging for Asylum!

Thursday, 20 May 2010 Calderon Addresses Congress, Pisses on American Flag While Begging for Asylum! // // Mexican President Felipe Calderon, using the opportunity of a State Sponsored dinner by El Presidente Barry ‘Chingedara’ Obama, cited increased death threats as … Continue reading

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California Costa Mesa City Says "No" to Illegal Aliens: Rule Of Law: NO Sanctuary City

California City Says “No” to Illegal Aliens Wednesday, May 19, 2010, 2:20 PM EDT – posted on NumbersUSA   The City Council of Costa Mesa, California, has approved a resolution declaring it would not be a sanctuary city for illegal … Continue reading

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Woodburn Mexican Criminal w Gun Kidnaps female at Gunpoint Juarez Mexican Scum My new crime blog Mexicancriminalsoforegon

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   thanks it’s little things like this that make my day- but ah God of Illegal Mexicans, you forgot to kill all of them! This is another example of crappy Mexican Driving and the mexican habit of cramming  as many mexicans … Continue reading

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Lack of Affordable Housing in Pacific Northwest due to Invasion of Criminal Illegals & Anchor babies

  This is so typical of government: there is a giant pink elephant in Oregon, sitting on all the rental units. The Talking Idiots have convened to discuss how to save rental housing, but they will never , ever mention … Continue reading

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1.1 Million New Green Cards Issued in 2009_ Ugly Immigrants and Job Theft

  1.1 Million New Green Cards Issued in 2009 Friday, April 9, 2010, 10:37 AM EDT – posted on NumbersUSA     And you know that employers,especially government and universities and corporations prefer foriegn workers even they can’t speak english … Continue reading

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