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UPdaTe! Two More Ugly Mexican-Salvadoran Criminals Busted!Jose Luis AREVALO:Ramon Alberto MIDENCE: Caballero,Nestor Gabriel Ugly Mulatto El Salvadorian From Beaverton Oregon Robs American Gert Boyle in West Linn

  West Linn Police arrest two more in robbery kidnap on Columbia Sportswear Chairman Gertrude (Gert) Boyle. West Linn Police Dept. – 11/16/10 Arevalo, Jose Luis West Linn-In the course of the investigation of the home invasion robbery/kidnapping of Gert Boyle, … Continue reading

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Criminal Illegal Mexican Busted afer Hit & Run Car Crash Gonzalez Hernandez

Criminal Illegal Mexican Busted afer Hit & Run Car Crash Gonzalez Hernandez – 10/26/10 GonzalezHernandez.jpg Oregon State Police (OSP), with the help of Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) and Sandy police (SPD), arrested a Gresham man filthy lying mexican illegal alien  … Continue reading

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Drunk Driving Illegal Mexican Mozo javier, Cesar Busted Twice in Two Days in Oregon and Released Drunk Outrage Anyone?

  twice in two days he was busted for Drunk driving and Releasedarrested drunk in the am in Gresham released Drunk arrested two days later drink in Sanctuary State Oregon   Drunk Driving Illegal Mexican Mozo javier, Cesar Busted Twice in Two … Continue reading

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GUADALUPE QUINTERO CHRISTOPHER A. ROSILLO Mexican trash Arrested for murder of daughter OLEANDER LABIER 5 years old

Update ! an hour after I cynically predicted the mexican father was lying, he has been jailed  for the murder of his daughter also. The million dollar question here is was her mother a light-skinned mexican or was her mother a … Continue reading

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LIberal Activists Coach Illegal Mexicans to Practice Welfare Fraud

Illegals in Oregon.. ——————————————————————————– I have read and heard many times that Oregon is now getting over-run with the Mexican illegals and that violent crime is quickly on the rise. Is this so? 03-11-2008, 04:42 PM BLAZER PROPHET Senior Member … Continue reading

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Catalina Mendoza Cervantes Mexican Breeder deals Cocaine endangers Ninos/ anchor babies in Salem or Occupied Territory of Mexico

 Catalina Mendoza CERVANTES, Mexican Illegal? Breeder with Sharpie Eyebrows and Blond Highlights, deals Coke in Salem Occupied Territory of Mexico ( Salem is now a suburb of Mexico City) what can I say here ? Another example of Mexican family … Continue reading

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