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Black Female Publicly Defecates at School

Black Female Threatens to Blow Up School Poops Instead: Diversity Rocks June 17, 2010 Ohio Woman Threatens to Blow Up School, Poops Instead April 08, 2011 08:50 PM EDT 7 people recommend this | comments: 14 In what turned into … Continue reading

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Mariza Rodriguez Martinez- drunk mexican anchor baby sentenced four years for murder while driving drunk- murders American Citizen

Only four years for murdering an American citizen-this anchor mexican trash-tacoc–t is typical of mexicans everywhere: the laws don’t apply to them.Another crime victim from the invasion. There are so many crappy mexican drivers that the mexicans are driving the … Continue reading

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Perfect House for Ten Illegal Mexican Gardeners~ West Hills Portland Mansion for Rent: 2769 SW Buena Vista Dr., Portland, OR

Ideal tenants would be those coming to Portland for a new job, a temporary assignment, a sabbatical, or an extended vacation and needing a fully furnished house with everything included for at least 5 months   Sounds like the perfect house … Continue reading

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Robbery in Corvallis Oregon: Hispanic Mexican Invaders Invade Home Mexicans with Guns Duct Tape and masks

The unmasked suspect is described as a Hispanic male with a light complexion. On November 19, 2009, at about 11:52 p.m., Corvallis Police Officers responded to a report of a home invasion robbery at a south Corvallis residence. Home at … Continue reading

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Rules for H1-b workers- most H1-b job theives are illegal in Oregon

H1-B workers  arent temporary ,since no one ever sends them home This came off of the OHSU site, which employees many foreign workers.One of the scams against American workers has been cutting back on Nursing schools in the United States, so we are forced to … Continue reading

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Tillman a Black Woman Head of New Multicultural Health Oregon Dept. of Human Services With Spanish Only Memo : More Discrimination against Native Oregonians

Fall of the West: illegal aliens from Mexico etc are already getting every kind of entitlement our government offers, Let us all Worship the Cult of Diversity, Mexicans use food stamps and welfare in US, multiculturism reaches Oregon from United … Continue reading

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Male w/ ''Hispanic Accent " robs Porn store in Mexi-trash Marion County:speakah Mexican?

Male w/ ”Hispanic Accent ” robs Porn store in Mexi-trash Marion County:speakah Mexican?Deputies investigate armed robbery that occurred at Adult Shop This is what happens when Oregon Government does not check for immigration status: Mexican gangs are out of control, … Continue reading

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Detroit is Crap and Diversity Sucks removed and banned more censorship in Obama-land Detroit is Crap banned more censorship  in Obama-land Detroit is Crap  and Diversity Sucks removed and banned more censorship  in Obama-land   seems censorship  will be Obama’s Legacy  last time I checked Detroit is crap had a google blog , … Continue reading

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More Diversity Sucks :Miguel Reyes Gonzales :Carlos Peguero Ezequiel Santos Gomez Villa Hillsboro Mexican Students shoot in gang violence

       More Diversity Sucks :Miguel Reyes Gonzales :Carlos Peguero Ezequiel Santos Gomez Villa : Hillsboro Mexican Students shoot in gang violence More of the Hispanic Surge  in Oregon.The gang members  are either anchor babies of illegal aliens or illegal themselves.  This … Continue reading

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