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Hussien Obama : Criminal Police State arrest by Cop Crowley is just stupidity

un—— believable.   Obama allows criminal behavior on the part of Cop Crowley to be dismissed as stupidity. The old boys club is going strong here. Crooked bully cop Crowley arrests Gates just because he asked for ID.  and now it’s … Continue reading

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Another Jose Ramirez-Navarro, dead- Mr. Manuel Salmeron with Gang of mexican illegal males stabbed to death in Happy valley Oregon

  Another Jose Ramirez-Navarro, dead-  Manuel Salmeron  Gang of mexican illegal stabbed to death in Happy Valley Oregon more money spent on mexican illegal males because they are violent animals who carry knives . Who paid for the OHSU ‘s medical … Continue reading

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Watch Immigration Gumballs Video:Numbersusa :We Can't take in the Entire Third World  Watch the Five Minute Video which by the way is completely non-racist.

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Mexican Melissa vitellaro in Tigard wanted for ID Theft  the police have her listed as a Male and that she changes identity all the time. Nice Hispanic – GO HOME NOW

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Attempted Rape & Murder of American Woman by Two Mexican Hispanic males with Knife : Clackamas Oregon

Woman attacked by two armed men in Oregon City at Clackamas Community College Today. Oregon City Police Dept. – 07/10/09 At about 7:15 am, on Friday morning, July 10, 2009, a woman in her early 30s was attacked by two … Continue reading

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Sergio Nabor-Tellez- illegal Mexican w/ Keys to apts robs Tenants at Country Gables Apartments 14812 SW Scholls Ferry Road.rents to Mexican Illegal Crooks & never changes locks

Sergio Nabor-Tellez- illegal Mexican w/ Keys to apts robs Tenants at Country Gables Apartments 14812 SW Scholls Ferry Road. They rent to Mexican Illegal Crooks & never changes locks. So how did this illegal wetback, who was making ends meet by robbing … Continue reading

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Bedolla-Medina Jaime Camaal-Balam Two Illegal Mexican Crooks busted For Fake Tri-met passes

Associated Press PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Portland police arrested two men illegal alien mexican criminal wetbacks accused of making fake TriMet tickets that have been presented on buses throughout the metro area. Detective Mary Wheat said Wednesday the arrests of … Continue reading

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