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First Filthy Mexican Swine Flu Case in Oregon

it should be noted that ilegal aliens with the flu in Oregon will most likely not report it and that Many illegal aliens are brought into illegal alien households secretly: a form of covert chain immigraition. So , legal white … Continue reading

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Check Out 4 Mexican Teen gangsters Steal Car w/ Stolen Guns In Marion County Oregon Anchor babies? Illegal aliens? Mexi-trash !

Four Suspects    Mexican  Meth Puta with sharpie eyebrows lied to Police about who she was- those nice hardworking mexicans, Obama’s pathway to citizenship . So how much did all  this cost Oregonians and why Is Ron Wyden and Obama and … Continue reading

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Mexican Breeder Maria Rodriguez Arrested (anchor baby) Child Neglect & Meth In Salem Occcupied Territory with Sharpie Eyebrows Mexican Family Values

Deputies arrest Salem Woman Mexian meth breeder with sharpie eyebrow for child Neglect Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 04/28/09 On 4-27-09, at 11:00 am the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 3900 block of Fisher Road NE regarding a … Continue reading

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Mexican Illegal Arrested Multnomah County Jail: Theft Assault

Information  gosh I guess open borders and no ID isnt working very well is it, Ron Wyden and Mayor Tom Potter, and President Obama SWIS ID: 691852 Name: Nahdzul, Gumercindo Adolfo Age: 26 Gender: Male Race: Hispanic Height: 5 ft … Continue reading

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Mexican Swine Flu & Open Borders:Close the Border Obama

ALIPAC :Obama Puts U.S. Lives at Risk with Open Borders Alipac has all the stories on the flu plus discussion groups; Link below will take you to it.   what is really funny about this is the 1984 wall of … Continue reading

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Sharpie Eyebrow Mexican Breeder Salazarvelazquez, Milagros arrested Theft In Ron Wyden's Open Borders Oregon

SWIS ID: 687512 Name: Salazarvelazquez, Milagros Age: 34 Gender: Female Race: Hispanic Height: 5 ft 4 in Weight: 135 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Arresting Agency: Gresham Police Department Arrest Date: 4/26/2009 3:58 PM Booking Date: 4/26/2009 5:03 PM Current … Continue reading

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Mayela (the Illegal Mexican ) illegally rents to Illegal Mexicans In Oregon report her Willow Brook Apartments 14095 SW Walker Rd

503 347-6929 call Mayela  for a room ,but only if you are an  illegal alien that speaks spanish. She is renting out  apt #59  call the manager, because it’s against the Rules to rent out rooms without the landlord”s permission. … Continue reading

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