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President Obama Shafts American College Grads -Gives Scarce Jobs to Foriegn Workers-

President Obama Shafts American College Grads -Gives Scarce Jobs to Foriegn Workers- President Obama To This Spring’s American College Grads — WE DON’T NEED YOU   By Roy Beck, Tuesday, May 10, 2011, 4:16 PM EDT – posted on NumbersUSA … Continue reading

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Obama and the BP Gulf Oil Explosion: Watch the Prez Save the Fish ( not)  Got Hope?  We have really got to stop electing prez-idiots based on sound bites.This is worth clicking on; Obama is a party kind of guy.  

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Obama Bucks

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Senator Harry Reid says Amnesty will pass next spring no Problemo

harry reid laughing at us – arise americans we are under attack for those of you who think Obama meant change for Americans , I think this is what he meant: to Give Amnesty to His Aunt and 38 million … Continue reading

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Secret Service Investigates Anti-Obama Facebook pageUS Secret Service

 then there are the police being investigated for making anti-obama remarks on the internet and  My blog was yanked 9 days after the election for anti-obama posts( as near As I can figure out) most of us spent the last decade insulting … Continue reading

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President Obama's Absymal Voting Record on Immigration

President Obama’s Absymal Voting record on immigration With a new administration moving into the White House, it’s more important than ever for you to let your voice be heard and tell Barack Obama that Amnesty is not the way … Continue reading

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Black Obama Campaign Workers Furious

Obama’s Black Ghetto Campaign workers Angry over unpaid wages Obama’s Black Ghetto campaign workers angry over unpaid wages Mr. Change is too busy picking Recycled White Males for his cabinet to help his people. Black , poor and close to … Continue reading

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Obama's Auntie Onyango Now Fighting Deportation

Obama’s Auntie Onyango Now fighting Deportation Obama’s Auntie Onyango Now Fighting Deportation (update: auntie is saying she has been sick since she was outed. Thats nice, when Obama won, I was violently ill. Get over it in Kenya, Ugly black … Continue reading

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Did Obama Buy The Election?

Did Obama Buy Office with Foreign Money? Labels: Did Obama Buy election w/ foreign Money? 0 comments:

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african american woman says how it will be with Obama

Proud African American tells how it will be with Obama The following was posted on the site ” Stuff White People Like” I did not edit it. Proud African American on November 9, 2008 at 11:07 am I guess this … Continue reading

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