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Traitor Federal Judge Susan Bolton Blocks part of Arizona's Great Immigration Law

Federal Judge Blocks Arizona’s Immigration Enforcement Law Wednesday, July 28, 2010, 1:19 PM EDT – posted on NumbersUSA Congressmen Who… Voted Against Arizona By Funding Lawsuit Against the State Updated Wednesday, July 28, 2010, 12:39 PM EDT – posted on … Continue reading

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Puta El Salvadore Illegally in California Erotic Services

I kid you not, from LA Craigslist ,where she stated where she was from, and had a series of campy pictures like the one above. Red Hair or Blonde does not make one a Gringa.

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Muslim Burqa ban passes French lower house overwhelmingly

Burqa ban passes French lower house overwhelmingly Not good news by a long shot, because it merely treats the symptoms , not the disease. The mistake the French made was allowing the murderous , primitive  Algerian Muslims into their country … Continue reading

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Lewis Landscaping Of West Portland Hires Illegal aliens not Americans Does not Use Everify Before I started this site, I reported Lewis Landscaping to ICE several times and I contacted the owner, who felt no need to follow the laws concerning illegal aliens. The address for ICE is on the left margin of … Continue reading

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Black Judge Clarence Thomas's Nephew Tasered in Hospital,0,5113332.story  with the way Judges are selling out Americans to the illegal aliens, I say go for it. Clarence Thomas was a sleaze anyway. The Nephew will not be using the Race Card, as the people who hit him and tazed … Continue reading

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Obama's Oil Spill A Crime Against Nature: All the links you need

I did not post this on craigslist – but someone who included my blog did so. Obama is an environmental disaster because he promotes open borders and unlimited immigration. I don’t think he is an American, no matter where he … Continue reading

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College Education for White American Children? All you need is a Goat

Apparently , if you are white and working class in the United States, all you have to do is get a Goat and milk it and kinda like Jack in the Beanstalk, your kids will get scholarships to Ivy league … Continue reading

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Moji Momeni _ Ugly Iranian Immigrant Sentenced in Beaverton for Prostituting Female Tenants: Joshua Jensen Beaverton Cop sentenced for HookerGate Yes Washington County is a great place to be a slime-dog slum lord or a slime-dog cop. In both cases , males used their power to coerce oral sex etc from Lower class females. Jensen the cop- got 30 months , which … Continue reading

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$29,000 for Black Somalian Immigrants in Beaverton Oregon

 Somali Refugees ( otherwise known as State Department Immigrant Trash) get $29,000 in Taxpayers monies. White Native Americans are awarded pennies compared to the precious immigrants. Why are the Somalia’s here anyway? Because they decimated their own country through tribal warfare and were rewarded … Continue reading

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