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Police Brutality : Dont Mess with the Pigs or they will kill you

“when they came for the dogs I said nothing, because I had cats” from Rawberto Lendsai “Don’t Mess With Pigs When I was a teenage dope field and evil suburban drug dealer lurking near playgrounds selling addicting and illegal poison to … Continue reading

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latina breeders ( mexican illegal aliens)with sharpie eyebrows drop out of highschool

Report: Latina dropout rate ‘alarming’ “only benefit Latinas, but other at-risk students as well, includAlarming numbers” of Hispanic girls are dropping out of high school nationwide, two advocacy organizations say in a report released Thursday that recommends an array of … Continue reading

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Kennedy helped destroy the United States with his 1965 immigraton policies

Kennedy helped destroy the United States with his 1965 immigraton policies BOSTON — Sen. Edward Kennedy’s first major legislative victory helped change the face of this country. In 1965, Kennedy sponsored the Immigration and Nationality Act, which lifted national quotas … Continue reading

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Wage and Job Theft by Foreigners: 125,000 brand new foreign workers with work permits each month — HERE'S THE PROOF

125,000 brand new foreign workers with work permits each month — HERE’S THE PROOF ( when was the last time you saw an American working at Taco Bell? ) By Roy Beck, Wednesday, August 19, 2009, 3:15 PM Print out … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck calls Obama A Racist : Corporations withdraw backing

Attack on Obama riles Beck’s advertisers AP – FILE – In this May 5, 2009 file photo, newscaster Glenn Beck attends the Time 100 Gala, a celebration … Play Video Barack Obama Video:Obama Fever FOX News Play Video Barack Obama Video:Playing the Race … Continue reading

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Qwest outsources to India how to beat Qwest at their crappy system

  Its like this- When you first order with Qwest you get an American citizen who speaks English fluently. you dont even know what is going to happen later.  Then you move and you are an existing  customer or the … Continue reading

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I want to be an illegal alien in ICELAND

its come to the point in the United States of America- Police State and third world cess-pool for English speaking White Americans to leave. The third world invaders have succeeded in re-creating the hell they fled. I want to be … Continue reading

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