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Mariza Rodriguez Martinez- drunk mexican anchor baby sentenced four years for murder while driving drunk- murders American Citizen

Only four years for murdering an American citizen-this anchor mexican trash-tacoc–t is typical of mexicans everywhere: the laws don’t apply to them.Another crime victim from the invasion. There are so many crappy mexican drivers that the mexicans are driving the … Continue reading

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Speeding Drunk Illegal Mexican RIGOBERTO MARTINEZ-PEREZ,Kills Anchor baby son GERADO MARTINEZ etc in Car Crash Jordan Valley Idaho

   Speeding Drunk Illegal Mexican RIGOBERTO MARTINEZ-PEREZ,Kills Anchor baby son GERADO MARTINEZetc in Car Crash Jordan Valley Idaho well that’s one less anchor baby altough American Taxpayers get to pick up the tab for the Illegal Drunk Mexican and his extended breeder cluster’s … Continue reading

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Luis Arcos-Cardenas Drunk Illegal Mexican Hits Bicyclist Kevin P. Lynch drags him 30 feet and Runs arrested 17420 SW Shaw Street Aloha Oregon mexican slum

 Arcos-Cardenas Hit and Run Suspect Arrested after Running down Bicyclist Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 02/02/10   2010-02/1128/IMG_0407_resize.jpg  This piece of mexican scum will be listed as a white male in Washington County. NO mention of ICE either. You can … Continue reading

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