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6th suspect arrested Mexican Male Elvis Torrentes charged in Richmond gang rapeGang Rape Victim of 15 is White , Mexican Latino Gang-rape in Richmond Ca Media Hides victim's race : Update Samantha Haupt Kidnapped by two Mexicans in Oregon

6th suspect charged in Richmond gang rape another mexican who raped her with foreign objects Updated: 11/06/2009 02:42:15 PM PST RICHMOND, Calif.—A sixth suspect has been charged in the gang rape of 16-year-old girl outside Richmond High School’s homecoming dance. That … Continue reading

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Lou Dobbs- Shot fired at Lou Dobbs and wife

    //      I would say that lou is spot on; the hate and violence and threats , from the La Raza open borders crowd , are numerous. I have been threatened with violence on this blog so many … Continue reading

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Halloween mexcian anchor baby gang style: baseball bats and smashed car windows; Gresham Or Mexican slum

  Rockwood used to be nice area before the mexican gang members and mexican illegals moved in and made it just like Richmond Ca, where the 15 yr old girl was gangraped by about 20 mexicans, but I digress …….. … Continue reading

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4 Mexican-Latino Manuel Ortega & Salvador Rodriguvez, Jose Carlos Montano arrested led Gang-rape of 15 yr old girl Richmond High School Update 4 hispanic mexican latino males, one white one black, in Diversity Training Gang-rape of 15 yr old rape victim who appears to be a white female –  Rape with foriegn objects- the girl appears to be white and an honors student, the police ignored the crowd of 12 males outside the building, too busy checking out the asses of the girls inside, At least two of … Continue reading

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Cecilia Ramirez-mexican puta at Nursing home rationalizes illegal aliens from mexico

Note the mexican persecution complex, which justifies all the stealing robbing and raping by Illegal aliens from Mexico. This is Mexican Logic: If the laws don’t prevail in their favor , they have the right to break them. The assumption … Continue reading

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Mexican Gang Shooting Monterey Springs Apts in Happy Valley Oregon – One 16 mexi-trash male shot

Clackamas County Mexican Gang Shooting Monterey Springs Apts in Happy Valley Oregon – One 16 yr old mexi-trash male shot  Yes, Mexicans really make Oregon wonderful, now this illegal wetback will cost the taxpayers a fortune for his visit to … Continue reading

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Illegal Mexican Ana Gonzalez-Vargas arrested forgery, ID theft, of Elderly American Woman at Salem Oregon Nursing Hometwelve counts of Identity Theft, nine counts of Computer Crime, Theft In The First Degree, Forgery In The First Degree, three counts of Criminal Mistreatment

Mexican Suspect  Latina Ana Gonzalez-Vargas 24, arrested forgery, ID theft, of   Elderly American Woman at Salem  Oregon Nursing Home Ana ,the illegal alien from Mexico, the lying Latina puta, opened up a checking acct for her anchor baby with the … Continue reading

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