Isabel Chasarez: Mexican illegal alien Mother sentenced for rape of nine year old girl

Isabel Chasarez: Mexican IA Mother sentenced for rape of nine year old girl

Isabel Chasarez Co-Rapist and Mexican dumb breeder cowThere are thousands just like her in Oregon, sentenced for helping rape her nine year old daughter, who gave birth to yet another anchor baby.

The ( illegal alien Mexican breeder) mother of the 10-year-old St. Anthony girl that gave birth in early May was sentenced Tuesday afternoon.
Isabel Chasarez will go to prison for the next one to ten years.
After she is released, she will be deported back to Mexico.
The woman pleaded guilty of felony injury to a child August 26. She did not give her daughter the proper prenatal care.
In court, she gave a tearful statement as she talked about her children. She said her two youngest children don’t even know she has been behind bars. They think she is visiting her mother in Mexico.
Judge Brent Moss said he believes Chasarez will get the help she needs in the US justice system instead of being automatically deported.
The young girl was impregnated by Chasarez’s(ugly illegal alien mexican ) boyfriend Guadalupe Gutierrez-Juarez. He is charged with three counts of rape covering a time span from August 2007 to when the girl gave birth.
Gutierrez-Juarez’s sentencing has been rescheduled. The date has not been set.

Mother of St. Anthony Rape Victim Sentenced

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0 Responses to Isabel Chasarez: Mexican illegal alien Mother sentenced for rape of nine year old girl

  1. Mexican Love says:

    I cannot wait for all you bigots to face some adversity in your life…Oh, I forgot, you already do…You have no regard for anyone but your selfish self and don’t have the intelligence to see that your tainted views of other humans does nothing but make the problem worse. You people have bigger fish to fry than illegal aliens…For example, all of those meth heads that you breed. Hey, and guess what, the dirty Mexicans didn’t make those drugs, your low life neighbors did


    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      nope the mexicans have pretty much taken over the meth market in the US. They are being arrested constantly for meth dealing – and all the other drugs too, along with fake ID. It’s mexicans who are the low-lifes and the mexican drug cartel has completely invaded the US. by the way you must be mexican trash from Texas? mostly illegal? mostly a hater on white americans? yep.

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